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Boarding Fees per Day


Full pension for

1 cat            11,00 per day

2 cats          16,00 per day

For every further cat in addition 5 euros.


For a stay of 4 weeks and more we offer a 20% discount on the total fee. The prices mentioned are inclusive VAT. We ask for cash on collection.

Extras, like 'giving medicine'* to your cat, resp. grooming etc., are also included in the boarding fee.

If your cat likes / requires special food (e.g. kidney diet, low calories, etc.) we will take care of that as well. Please bring your menu.

One more word for bringing and getting your darlings: we have used in the past very generously without fixing any times. However, this was used increasingly too much, so that the first guests were got or were brought partly already about 6 h in the morning or in the evening about 22 h . We are there still 7 days in the week for you, but please understand that we have party traffic only between 9 and 20  o'clock (and by appointment only).

On the subject of 'administer medication' we must constantly due to past experience, unfortunately, make the following restriction:

*Our customers like to say: "That's no problem," overlooked but that probably is at home, the cats are exposed here but a stressful situation and behave quite differently, so just at home. It is then often impossible to enter them drugs or otherwise treat them somehow. Here it must be spoken in a particular case together.