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Mrs. Traudl Fasching is the soul of this organisation and very devoted to the poor cats. She has set up rooms on her farm for the animals and takes care of abandoned cats in a heart-touching manner. The cats often come to her in a miserable condition. She cockers them up and mediates them to new homes. Since she does this as a private initiative and only receives very limited allowances from the animal protection agencies, every bit of support is very welcome.

    wanted to help and donated more. The now well filled "poor cat fund" enabled us to help throughout the year. We also started to support different animal help organisations in the surroundings.

Many of our customers add a tip on the payment or even donate money for charity purposes. We give this amount to the last Pfennig (since 2002 to the last cent) in our so called poor cat fund.

At the beginning we collected the money, added a small amount ourselves and bought cat food, cat litter and some toys We brought these things, always in December shortly before Christmas, to the animal welfare Oberland in Rottenbuch, Allgäu.



  As time went by our customers became more and more aware of what we did with the money,