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Dear cat friends,

you can see from the previous pages that the well being of our four-legged friends is very important to us. Your cat is isolated from itīs regular environment. A well equipped guesthouse is important but cannot change this fact. Nevertheless we do our best to make your darling feel welcome and give it the attention and tenderness it needs. This is even more important for pets that come to the guesthouse the first time and need to get used to us.

For our regular guests this is the reason to come back.

To guarantee a responsible care taking of your cats some very important premises have to be fulfilled on your side.

Please understand that we can only take care of your cats under the following pre-conditions:

Required vaccinations

  • common cold

  • contagion

  • hydrophobia (for loose cats)

The vaccination pass has to be presented.


After the latest knowledge worms can be deposited in the body without being active. By stress situations they can get active, however. Therefore it is recommendable, to take a deworming of your cat(s) before the stay in the pension. Please talk to your veterinary surgeon.

Non-sterilised tomcats cannot be accomodated in the guesthouse unless they haven't reached sexual matureness yet.

Please inform us about particularities of your darling upon arrival. It happens on and off that a cat for example limps, has a swelling or something similar. We are then highly concerned, assume that your pet got harmed while staying with us and are then told by the owner "Oh, he/she always had that ...". We are then greatly relieved but it would have been nice to know from the beginning.