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Be honest ....    

Even if good neighbours, friends or relatives watch your little friend during your absence, a feeling of uncertainess always remains.

Not every well meaning person is aware of your cat´s needs and gives them what they are used to: cat food, goodies, affection, caresses ...

That´s were we enter the picture ...

Both of us grew up with pets and for 35 years now we have a bunch of them in all shades ourselves. The secureness in interacting with them, the knowledge about the needs of every single one of them, the skill to interact with these lovely creatures over so many years encouraged us to found a high quality cat guesthouse.

What we have to offer      

Because of the constriction to 9 luxery apperelled boxes - you could almost say "rooms" - we can commit ourselves to every single "guest". 

Whenever necessary we consult our  - or by request your - veterinarian. Our guesthouse is approved and audited on a regular basis by the district office Landsberg/Lech.

If you do not have the time to bring your pet yourselve or balk at the long drive, we are happy to pick up your cat in an air conditioned car. Gas expenses have to be refunded.


How to find us


Take the A 96 to Lindau, take the exit "Landsberg-Ost/Penzing", go left towards Penzing, pass through Penzing on the main road towards Fürstenfeldbruck and turn left towards Oberbergen - Geretshausen at the end of the locality. You will get to a traffic island on a hill slope, 200m after you reached Geretshausen. Pass it on the right side. You are now in the Ramsacher Straße and reach our cat guesthouse after another 100 m on the left side.